Lars Andersen

FLORA is a free app for anyone who wants to learn new or more about flowers, trees and fruits in the Danish nature. Especially for beginners, families and children who want to explore nature.

The app describes the most common and most widespread growths that are around us, from the inconspicuous lichen and moss species to the beautiful flowers and bushes to the large trees.

The app is easy to use. Choose whether you want to find a plant based on name, colour, stem type, inflorescence or leaf shape. Or go to the comparison boards and, for example, just the ripe berry you are looking at.

The app describes 549 species, over 25% of all species in Denmark. Each plant family is represented by several species, so you can always find the species you are looking at, or a close relative who can tell you about the plant’s natural history.

The texts are supplemented with illustrated boards, which in a pedagogical way provide an overview of useful topics such as technical terms, poisonous and edible plants, inflorescences, places of growth, fruits and seeds and more.

The app is supplemented with free educational materials that allow immersion in the fascinating world of plants, with themes such as fertilization and seed dispersal, technical terms and photosynthesis. The material is intended as an introduction to the world of plants and encourages families, teachers and students to get to know a selection of our most common plant species.

Have fun in nature!

The development of FLORA has been made possible with benevolent support from