Wacabanga publishes apps about nature.

Wacabanga’s vision is to publish natural history via a wide range of apps with an intuitive and reliable user-experience for professionals, teachers, enthusiasts and families. Wacabanga is owned and operated by the two nature enthusiasts: Lars Gejl and David Buchmann. Lars is a nature photographer and award-winning author of more than 20 nature and heritage textbooks. David is a science teacher and an award-winning photographer with a special interest in nature and the environment. Both have a strong attachment to Scandinavian and African nature, which inspired the name Wacabanga: “thought” in Zulu. Our customers are often publishers with a number of textbooks/titles that are well-suited to digitisation and publication on an app.

Customers can also be companies or private individuals with material ready or almost ready for digitisation who want to publish it on an app.

Customer examples: