Why choose BestCustomApps?

Many copyright holders and publishers have rights to material that they want to digitise and publish in a novel way – as an app. Or perhaps they have an idea for an app they want to test without having to spend too much money. This is when things get difficult and quickly lead to complex discussions about concepts, types of app, rights, requirements specifications, functionality, design, technology, price, type of payment, updates, support, extra purchases and deadlines. Before you know it, a simple app idea can become more like a fully blown IT project, where deadlines and costs are at risk of spiralling out of control, and where fast delivery means a much higher price!

We believe we’ve found a better solution. We’ve divided the project into natural phases and we’ve enabled customers themselves to influence delivery time. And our pledge is quick delivery at low cost.

Partner strategy

Our vision is to have a large number of Partners who can see the potential of developing an app with us. We want to collaborate with Partners who can market and sell apps that are well-suited to delivery using our technology. We are committed to supplying all solutions via our Partners if at all possible. We’re more than happy to join meetings with Partners’ customers during the sales process and we provide training for Partners in using our technology so that they can reap the full benefit their collaboration with customers.

Typical collaboration with a customer:

  • The Partner finds a potential customer and works towards concluding a contract. If necessary, we are happy to join a design meeting (perhaps a closing sales meeting) with the customer and Partner. The Partner will then provide a number of services to the customer (often on an hourly basis).
  • Examples of services from the Partner: Drawing up a design document describing the required functionality, assisting with design, setup and layout, data collection, transferring data (text, picture, sound, etc.) from the customer’s format to our format, test-data packages and error correction.
  • The Partner supplies us with the validated material, which we then package in a 1.0 version. This process is repeated until everyone is satisfied.

Become a Partner

We sell our products through professional Partners. Our Partners market and sell our products and services, as well as a number of Partner-specific supplementary services (e.g. design, photography, uploading material, translation, support, consultancy, etc.). Together, we create solutions that generate value for our customers (copyright holders).

We provide fast delivery at competitive prices, which means that our Partners are competitive as well.

We prefer co-financed solutions if the Partner and customer are willing to join us in the financial risk. Co-financing is based on an agreement covering the Partner’s and copyright holder’s expectations/business model for the app. If this model proves sustainable, BestCustomApps can accept payment in the form of a fixed percentage of revenues after taxes (VAT) and platform operation (Google/Apple). A requirement for co-financing is that BestCustomApps is responsible for upload and administration of funds. The amount due to BestCustomApps will be deducted before settlement with the Partner, who will then be responsible for paying the copyright holder.

Our Partners are often specialists within specific specialist fields.